2014 Clemens Busch Riesling Marienburg Rothenpfad Grosses Gewächs

(Mosel, Germany) $49


2014 Clemens-Busch Riesling Marienburg Rothenpfad Grosses Gewächs

I cannot think of anyone in Germany who is making better wines than Clemens Busch these days. I drank this rare bottling one night during a Riesling and Indian food fest and there were some heavy hitters in the line-up, but none came close to this wine’s depth and purity.

Vineyard: Red slate.

Farming: Biodynamic.

Vinification: Fermented and aged in 1000 liter barrels. Unfined but filtered, slight SO2 addition at bottling.

Tasting Note: Dry, refreshing and luscious with pear, apple, floral and mineral underpinnings from the nose all the way through the nine innning finish. What I love about Mosel Riesling is that it has a seamless, transparent minerality that gives fruit another dimension. Grosses gewächs vineyards, which are the equivalent to grand crus, should have even greater complexity. A lot also depends on the producer but with Clemens Busch there is never any doubt about the quality of what you will get inside the bottle.

Food Pairing: Indian food, of course. Smoked and cured fish, roasted or pan sautéed trout, goat cheese, leek or onion tarts.

Drinkability: Now through 2040. Seriously, if you like older Riesling, this wine is going to be phenomenal when Miley Cyrus is President.

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