2015 Domaine Belluard Grandes Jorasses

(Ayse, Savoie, France) $45

Altesse (Roussette)

2015 Domaine Belluard Grandes Jorasses

I don’t remember having had a Belluard wine that was anything less than stunning. Recently, I was craving a really sour, refreshing beer but my friend wanted wine so we “settled” on this spry Altesse. No regrets.

Vineyard: South facing, 1300 feet above sea level with clay and limestone. Sourced from Dupasquier in Jongieux.

Farming: Biodynamic.

Vinification: Long maceration without malolactic fermentation.

Tasting Note: Uber minerally with hints of citrus, bitter almond and a long, pointed finish. I wouldn’t say it is sour, but the searing minerality pushes your palate to the edge.

Food Pairing: Oysters, oysters and more oysters. Sneak in a few raw clams and order some more oysters. In a pinch, sushi works.

Drinkability: Now. I really have no idea if this wine can age as I haven’t had an older vintage.


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