2015 Domaine de la Renardière ‘Jurassique’ Chardonnay

(Arbois, Jura, France) $30


2015 Domaine de la Renardière ‘Jurassique’ Chardonnay

Jura Chardonnay is its own animal. While they often share the minerality and acidity of Burgundy, they often have a nut-like flavor, whether ouillé (topped off) or sous voile (have flor – yeast – and not topped off).

Vineyard: Several sites in Pupillin, aged 20 – 30 years old on red marl and limestone.

Farming: Organic since 2003, certified (Ecocert) in 2012.

Vinification: Fermented in 228 – 400-liter neutral barrels and aged in 228-liter barrels for one year. It was topped off (ouillé).

Tasting Note: I have a serious penchant for Jura whites and this wine is a good reason why. Many Jura whites are not topped off and as such have an oxidative quality. This wine was yet I still get a pleasant hint of oxidation. It tastes like an entire bowl of mixed nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, and hazelnuts), with apples and spice. From the first sniff to the five-minute finish, it is rife with character.

Food Pairing: You can and I did drink this wine without food, however, an oily white fish such as black cod poached with mushroom stock, herb and nut crusted halibut or a variety of cheeses would be great. Creamy mushroom risotto is another option.

Drinkability: All day, all night. While drinking well now, I bet it will age well for a good decade. I’ve never had an older version so this is an educated guess.

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