About The Vinguard

A few years ago I renamed this blog The Vinguard because I became more interested in writing about transformative issues and wines. Since natural wine has become a huge catalyst for change, probably the most impactful I’ve noticed throughout my career, I spend a lot of time and energy researching, thinking and discussing it. While natural wine has definitely become a huge part of The Vinguard, there are a number of other social, environmental and economic concerns that those of us who love the juice might want to consider.

I’m constantly coming across winemakers, importers, writers, buyers and others in the industry who share my interests. Through their work, they are taking the conversation to the next level. The Vinguard, in a sense, also serves as a stage for their ideas, through in-depth interviews and contributions to posts.

There is not a lot of short form going on here, sorry to say. I realize that might narrow down the audience but if you have the time and desire to learn and think about aspects of the wine industry and wine that few others address, keep reading.