Author: PSB

Pamela Busch has been working in the wine industry for 25 years. She founded Hayes & Vine Wine Bar in 1994, a trend-setting venue in the Bay Area and the first San Francisco wine bar to offer an international selection of wines. In 2005, she co-opened CAV Wine Bar & Kitchen receiving a three star review from San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic, Michael Bauer, who said Busch created a list that is “anything but boring.” During the time between these two venues, Busch started The Grapes of Path wine school. She also wrote for several local and national publications. From 2005 - 2014 she was the wine columnist for The San Francisco Examiner. She also covered the local wine scene for San Francisco Travel from 2013-2015. After closing CAV in 2010, Busch held numerous wine tastings with the most forward thinking and natural wine importers. She has also taught for 18 Reasons since 2012. In 2013, Busch started working on the creation of The Vinguard.