Izbrani Teran, Stoka, 2011 (Karst, Slovenia) $23

'11 Stoka Teran

’11 Stoka Teran

Like the Columbia Valley in the Northwest, Kras is shared by two separate territories only in this case they happen to be different countries, not states. Located near Trieste in Friuli, the Italians call it Carso. With striking iron rich terra rosa soil composed of clay and limestone, it makes for quite a site.

Teran is a clone of Refosco and it is also found further down Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. The Stoka family started making wine in 1839 but did not release its first commercial bottling until 1991 with the 1989 vintage.

Hand harvested and fermented with natural yeast in stainless steel tank, it was aged in large oak barrels.


Crisp and vibrant, this is a very good, straightforward example with juicy plum, berry fruit and a hint of cayenne pepper. 12.3% alcohol

Ideally, I’d rather pay closer to $21 for this Teran and you might be able to find it for this price but this is the suggested retail price. While not one note, others have a little more going on.


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