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The Vinguard newsletter is an independent source for transparent natural wine information. We write about wines that are farmed without synthetics and, with rare exception, are vinified naturally and do not have additives, sometimes not even additional SO2.


Natural wine is a gift that everyone should feel free to enjoy without intimidation or misinformation and our mission to make it accessible to anyone who wants to taste, explore and learn.


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What distinguishes The Vinguard from other wine publications?


• This newsletter covers a wide range of natural wines from California Chardonnay to Blatina from Bosnia Herzegovina.


• I go out of my way to discover wines that do not receive the attention they deserve.
To give but one example, I have yet to find anyone else write about the 2014 Quinto do Montalto Encostas d’Aire de Ourem, which is made using a medieval vinification technique that was almost obsolete.


• Honest opinion.
While I try my utmost to be objective, we all have biases and I will admit mine as I have done in the current issue with the Justice Grace Semillon. If I think something is overpriced but still worth buying, I will let you know.  


• Vision.
Throughout my career, I’ve written about and bought certain wines, such as those from Georgia, before they became popular. 


Why charge?


The Vinguard newsletter has information you will not find elsewhere. It is not re-purposed material, but original content based on many hours of research, tastings, and interviews. It is the culmination of my life’s work as a wine writer, buyer, educator and business owner.


I lowered the price from what I was initially going to charge to make it accessible to a wider audience and if someone really wants to receive it but cannot pay I am happy to make an accommodation.


I want to thank everyone who has already signed up for their support. It allows me to continue writing about winemakers and others in the wine industry who have a sincere dedication to making wines with natural vinification methods and without chemicals. Their voices need to be heard and the wines deserved to be tried.