Women Owned Bay Area Wine Businesses

Since publishing this article on Sexism in the Wine Industry more than a year ago our country has elected a crass, demeaning sexist to the most powerful position on the planet. Sexism is alive and well everywhere and no, nothing in the wine industry has changed over the last fourteen months though I am hopeful that the renewed interest in women’s rights will have a positive effect. Also, I’ve noticed that women are spearheading a lot of activism surrounding immigration, racism, health care, you name it… Whether or not this is going to translate into anything more substantial as far as gaining power and access is concerned I don’t know but letting your voice be heard is empowering – for anyone – and people who feel empowered are less likely to tolerate discrimination. 

I was actually amazed as I made this list how male dominated the wine industry still is and I think that probably has as much to do with socioeconomic factors that have more of an effect on women – such as women bearing the brunt of childcare – as it does with overt discrimination. Let’s not be fooled, though. Access, which is based on relationships, is an issue and the boys’ club has as many members as ever. This said, there are more female-owned wine businesses than there were twenty years ago. Here are some that based or do business in the Bay Area. 

Laura Brennan Bissell of Inconnu and Martha Stoumen of Elizia

Laura Brennan Bissell and Lucy of Inconnu and Martha Stoumen of Elizia




A Tribute to Grace (Angela Osborne)

Corison (Cathy Corison)

Dashe Cellars (Anne Dashe)

Donkey & Goat (Tracey Brandt)

Elke (Mary Elke)

Elizia (Martha Stoumen)

Favia, Room (Anna Favia-Erickson)

Inconnu Wine (Laura Brennan Bissell)

J. Brix Wines (Emily Towe)

Keep Wines (Johanna Jensen)

Keplinger (Helen Keplinger)

La Clarine Farm (Caroline Hoell)

Lagier-Meredith (Carole Meredith)

Margins Wine (Megan Bell)

Matthisson Wines (Jill Klein Matthisson)

Mossik Cellars (Julia Weinberg)

Neighborhood Vineyards/Sidekick (Elly Harthorn)

Onward/Farmstrong (Faith Armstrong)

Polymath Wine (Savanna Wright)

Relic (Schatzi Throckmorton)

Ryme Cellars (Megan and Ryan Glaab)

Tessier Winery (Kristie Tacey)

Verdad (Louisa Sawyer Lindquist)

Wei Chi Wine Company (Erin Pooley)

Tracey Brandt of Donkey & Goat

Tracey Brandt of Donkey & Goat


Wine Bars/Retail

A16 (SF and Rockridge) Shelley Lindgren

Acme Fine Wines (Napa) Karen Williams

The Barrel Room (SF and Oakland) Sarah Trubnick

Bay Grape (Oakland) Stevie Stacionis

Bergamot Alley (Healdsburg) Sarah Johnson

Birba Wine (San Francisco) Angela Valgiusti

Biondivino (San Francisco) Ceri Smith

Cadet Wine Bar (Napa)/ Aubrey Bailey, Colleen Fleming

Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant (San Francisco)/Debbie Zacharias

Fig and Thistle (San Francisco) Angel Davis

Minimo Wine Shop (Oakland)

The Punchdown (Oakland) Lisa Costa

The Riddler (San Francisco) Jen Pelka

Tofino Wines (San Francisco) April Sack

Table Wines (Pacifica) Katie Brookshire


Erin Sylvester, Sylvester/Rovine Selections

Erin Sylvester, Sylvester/Rovine Selections

Wine Importers/Distributors

Amy Atwood Selections/Amy Atwood

Bliss Wine Imports/Alleah Friedrichs,Erin Geyer

Burke Wine/Shannon Burke

Jenny & François/Jenny Lefcourt

Joli Vin Imports/Nadia Dmytriw

Louis Dressner/Denyse Louis

Springboard Wine Company/Sybil Ajay Sanford, Elizabeth Corsini, Chloe Downing

Sylvester/Rovine Selections/Erin Sylvester

Terra Firma/Kristen Talley

Vin de Frog/Murielle Robert

Vinifera Wine Marketing/Lucy Malocsay

Winemonger/Emily Schindler




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